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What Are Our Members Saying? Watch the Video Below:
“Come Experience the Fun, Effective Fat Loss Solution That Works Every Single Time (and I’ll Put My Money Where My Mouth Is While I Prove It to You).”

From: Kaiser Serajuddin

Founder, Better Body Bootcamp

Bayside, Queens


Subject: The Search Is Over!

Dear friend,

I don’t know who you are or how you landed on this website (although I have a feeling if you’re here, you’re probably trying to shed some stubborn pounds). Since I don’t know anything about you yet, I think the best thing for me to do is tell you a little bit about our training program.

We specialize in fun and effective small group workouts that get results for ALL our clients.

Hi, my name is Kaiser Serajuddin. I’m the founder of Better Body Bootcamp and this is the home site of Better Body Bootcamp of Queens. We’re a small group personal training class founded by Queens’s top trainer over the past decade (that’s me), that delivers outstanding results for all of our members. We specialize in one hour workouts that change your shape, tone you up, and help you drop weight faster than anything else on the planet.

How Do We Deliver Such Fast Results While Most Fitness Programs, Trainers, and Bootcamps Fail Miserably? It’s Through Our Breakthrough Workout Programs.

We combine the most effective fat loss and body-shaping exercises with a fast pace, and a stimulating environment that keeps you coming back.

We combine an effective, scientific workout approach with fun, excitement, group energy, and the highest level of service you’ll find ANYWHERE in New York (even the most posh mid-town Manhattan health clubs).

And it’s all done at an affordable price. This is truly a fitness solution that you can stick with until you get all the way to your most wild and crazy fat loss goals.

No Really Kaiser, Tell Me, Why Are the Results So Much Better Than Going to a Gym, Hiring a Trainer, or Working Out By Myself?

If you’ve tried other gyms, trainers, or workout programs, (or even old-fashioned self-discipline to get in shape on your own), you know they don’t work.

- Gyms care only about your money. Once you join, who’s there to help or motivate you? No one. The aerobics classes are so monotonous and cookie-cutter, that they rarely get you results. And most of the trainers at these globo-gyms are high-priced rent-a-buddies bouncing from one job to the next. They’re too busy looking in the mirror to pay attention to what’s happening with you.

We're one of the top indoor fat loss bootcamps in the US.

- If you’re a busy adult, self-discipline doesn’t work anymore either. There’s just too much going in our lives these days (especially with the state of the economy) to plan your own workouts and constantly motivate yourself to stick to it. How long are you going to keep blaming yourself, beating yourself up, or jumping from program to program? It’s time to leave it to the professionals.

- Most private training programs run by private trainers (like the other bootcamps or personal training studios out there) have good intentions and are run by nice people. But they simply can’t match our level of training, service, results, fun, convenience, training hours, perks, amenities, cleanliness, friendliness, or PRICES.

You May Have Tried Other Trainers or Bootcamps – but We’re Completely Different

Our main difference is called the Better Body Breakthrough ™. That describes our carefully designed routines, done on specific days, at precisely the right intensity. No one else can do what we do the way we do it (and that’s why nobody gets these kinds of results).

Plus we make working out so much fun that it becomes almost effortless. You train in a group so there are others there to push you along when you’re tired or don’t fee like it doing it anymore yourself. Just show up and we’ll take care of the rest (and if you don’t show up, you’ll be hearing from us!).

It shouldn’t surprise you that we’re New York’s number one bootcamp. In less than a year, our Great Neck location has grown to over 200 members (but since we’re open from morning to night every day of the week, every class is still small and personal).

This is NOT an aerobics class - we're watching your every move.

And since the recent opening of Better Body Bayside, through reputation and word of mouth alone, we’ve already grown to more members than any other bootcamp or private training program in Queens. Could so many people possibly be wrong?

I don’t say any of that to impress you. It’s just to make it clear how seriously we take our responsibility to you. And it’s also to show you how we pride ourselves on taking such outstanding care and getting such incredible results for our hundreds of valued members.

Sure this is a business, but it’s a business built on getting you results, giving you value worth 100-1000 times what you’re paying, and giving you outstanding service every single time you visit. If that sounds fair, then there’s nowhere else you should be spending your money.

How Much Longer Are You Going to Wait Before You Get Off the Fence, Step Up, and Claim the Body You Deserve?

We make it easy to get started, do all the work for you, and are also the most affordable program in all of fitness.

First let’s find a time that works for you. When it comes to our schedule we have the most hours of any bootcamp around (and are adding new times almost every week). Here’s a look at our current schedule below:

Just come in at least twice a week, to as many as four times a week (or even come in twice a day you want) and you will lose fat week in and week out, guaranteed. No matter what level you get to, we can always ramp up our workouts for you so that you keep getting results.

Your results all starts with our thirty day, $97 Jump Start Program. As part of this program you’ll get 30 days of unlimited training (that’s over 18 classes) for only $97. You can train as much as you want (just be careful not to lose too much weight too quickly!).

After your Jump Start, our normal program rates vary from about $100 to about $200 a month, depending on the length of your stay with us. But don’t worry about that now. Come try us out and see what you’re paying for first.

To get started, just click the button below:

Once you click the button, you’ll be redirected to our registration page where you can submit your $97 for the program. Once you complete your enrollment, you will automatically be directed to a THANK YOU page where you will get all remaining details, such as how long to eat before you come in, parking instructions, and a preview of what to expect once you begin.

It all starts with clicking the button below:

That’s about it. The only thing left to do is call, get started, and start having fun and burning fat – it’s as simple as that.

With so many people making working out hard and charging so much, we’ve made it easy. Just give us a call and check it out for yourself. See you soon!


Kaiser Serajuddin
Founder, Better Body Bayside

P.S. With so many programs out there promising the world, we actually deliver, and back up what we say with a double your money back guarantee.

If you come in and see that our program didn’t live up to every word that we promise on this site, you’ll get your money back no questions asked. And if you felt it was a total waste of time or are deeply dissatisfied, we’ll give you double your money back. If you’ve been burned in the past, we want to assure you that won’t happen with us. You just need to give us a shot – just Click Here.

P.P.S. A word of warning – we’re not for everyone. If you’re a tire-kicker that likes to complain about every little thing while you workout, aren’t a friendly person that likes to have a good time, or don’t have a clear goal of what you want to accomplish, we’re not the right place for you. However, if you are a goal oriented, positive, and friendly person, you’ll fit in perfectly here. If that sounds like you, we want you as a member – just Click Here to get started now.

P.P.P.S. Our Jump Start Program and our training program in general is highly affordable, but it may not stay that way for long. Right now our classes are cozy and comfortable, but as the word spreads and we get more busy, we’ll naturally have to raise our prices. If you want to lock yourself in and take advantage of our currently super-low prices, then you need to get started right away. Just click the button below: